Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Vengance Is Mine

I recorded the record above to hear one single song. With a title like "Now Vengeance Hath Been Taken (Christmas Oratorio)", I had to at least give it a listen. Was it worth it? Eh... Give it a listen yourself. This is The Eric Silver Chorale-Deck The Halls With Boughs Of Holly (Rondo-lette 890). After I got this all recorded, I happened across the LP you see below, and I thought it odd that it had that same song on there. Then I realized that all the tracks were the same. So I'm pretty sure it's a reissue of the same tunes on a different label, and with no artist credit. That one is Christmas Hymns And Carols (Ultraphonic 51503, 1956). I have my doubts about that date, but it's right there on the back of the LP, along with a list of over a hundred other releases. Who knows?

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