Wednesday, December 05, 2007

A Curious Discovery

CaptOT shared out a great Christmas collection yesterday over at his blog, A Christmas Yule Blog. I believe it's the album you see above. But check out the album below. Same title, same subtitle, same label, same picture. But not the same collection of songs, and not the same catalog number. The one above is Around The Christmas Tree-A Special Christmas Day Program (Decca DL 38170) while the one below is Around The Christmas Tree-A Special Christmas Day Program (Decca DL 9056). The first features artists like Alex Stordahl, Vincent Lopez, The Columbus Boys Choir, Dick Haymes & The Four Aces. The second features artists like Bing Crosby, The Mills Brothers, Peggy Lee, The Four Aces and Dick Haymes. Which came first? Don't know. Which is better? Don't know. Does it matter? Doubt it. I'm just pointing it out for the curious among you.


PDMan said...

I would say yours came first. Aside from the fact that the release number is lower, do you notice on Capt's, it looks like they just airbrushed out the word "by" after Program? "Program" is not centered up with the other text. Very curious cover recycling.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting. Thanks for sharing. I wish I had seen this when I was at my parent's place over Christmas. I pulled the Around The Christmas Tree record out (that I loved as a child) to listen to The Littlest Angel done by Victor Young/Clark Dennis/Jud Conlon Singers. It's on the version with Peggy Lee, Bing Crosby, etc...Can't find the lyrics for it anywhere.I would sure love to get this on CD.

JW said...

Look how neatly they cover up the white record number on the upper left side with a black-out box, and add a totally different record number in black ink below the black-out box.