Monday, December 03, 2007

A Rose For You-Part Two

I'm sure that somewhere out there on the other side of the internet, someone saw the last David Rose I just threw up there and crossed his fingers hoping that this one was next. Well, here it is. I don't normally like to post requests, but I got quite a few for this one. I also don't like to post retitled reissues, but I've never seen the original of this one, entitled The David Rose Christmas Album (Capitol ST-2853). So I figured I'd go ahead and record this one and share it. I had to find it again, since I'd misplaced it after sharing the doodle from the back with you during July's doodle-thon. But I found it and I recorded it on Sunday. I scanned the cover in today and tonight I share with you David Rose-Little Drummer Boy (Capitol ST-290). There's a remake on here of David's earlier Christmas song, The Christmas Tree, that I really like, and shared with you two years ago. There was also a tune in the more recent Halloween collection if you really can't get enough David Rose.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Ernie. Here's the url for a scan of the original release cover for you and your readers.


Anonymous said...

Hi! Ernie. Nice find, and by the way. many of the songs from that LP came from the Main St. Christmas Area Music Loop at Disneyland. If you go to Disneyland, you'll miught hear some good Christmas music out there.

Go check out this link here.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, Ernie. I have still been searching for this album everywhere, and couldn't find it. Thanks for posting it for me (and others)! "Chris" has it a little backwards, Disney used several tracks from the original release of this album (entitled David Rose Christmas Album) for their Main Street Christmas Music loop... not the other way around. They also used Paul Mauriat, Raymond LeFevre, Ed Sullivan and others! thanks again!