Monday, November 29, 2021

November 29th Past

Is it still Thanksgiving weekend? No, I guess not. But that doesn't mean the music has to stop, only that it's going to slow down because I had to go back to work. Let's take a look at some shares from the past that should still be available, though don't forget you may need to look in the comments.


Christmas on the isthmus! Where else are you going to get this stuff?


Up, Up With People! I recently found a newer Up With People Christmas record, but it's much more polished and sterile than this one. Don't know if I'll get around to sharing it.


Christmas on the vibraharp? Yep, we got that covered for you.


More music from 3M? Yes, please!


Another awesome collection of music from 78's, this time themed around Christmas on the range.


  1. With regard to that 78 set, I have often wondered why the Cleveland radio station WGAR had a group called the "Range Riders." They were pretty far from the range.

    Anyway, thanks as always!

  2. Twas the custom at the time, I 'spose. :)

    These flashback posts seem to be doing their trick, I'm seeing lots of people going back and looking at old posts. Not the same as posting new stuff, but still engaging some folks.


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