Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Back With People

This is the first remaster of the season, and a record I've said I wouldn't bring back, yet here it is. I shared this record with you back in 2005, my very first season, then I un-shared it because I found a place that was selling it on CD.  That place has since disappeared and I'm convinced it wasn't too legit.  I could be wrong, and someone may show me something that makes me take this down quick, so if you want it, you should grab it now.  If you're not familiar with Up With People, then you should look it up.  If you are familiar, then you know you have to download this.  Lots of good stuff on here, mostly vocals, but a great instrumental called Jingle Bell Beat has long made my short list of favorites for many years now.  I just wish I'd had a cleaner copy to scan.  The music is much cleaner than that rough looking cover scan might lead you to believe.  That "Merry Christmas To You All" text is supposed to be red, but try as I might, it's still pink.  And the ringwear is atrocious.  The scanner picked it up so much worse than it actually looks in real life.  Oh, well.  Gotta run with what I've got.  Anyhow, this is Up With People-Merry Christmas To You All (Pace Records 1105, 1968, Stereo).

1. Merry Christmas To You All-Featuring Linda Blackmore And The Up With People Chorus
2. Pat's Poem-Featuring Pat Ector
3. Up With People!-Featuring Linda Blackmore, Pat Ector, Debbie Kirkpatrick And The Up With People Chorus
4. Jingle Bell Beat-Instrumental
5. O Little Town Of Bethlehem-Featuring Linda Blackmore; Guitar-Finis Fator; Trumpet-Graham Young
6. Away In A Manger-Featuring Linda Blackmore And The Up With People Chorus
7. Hope Of Mankind-Featuring Linda Blackmore And The Up With People Chorus
8. A Present For Santa-Featuring Howie Surrey And The Up With People Chorus
9. Waddle-Instrumental
10. Children-Featuring Frank Fields
11. I Wonder As I Wander-Featuring Debbie Kirkpatrick And The Up With People Chorus
12. There'll Be A New World Beginnin' From Tonight-Featuring Finis Fator And The Up With People Chorus
13. O Holy Night-Featuring Linda Blackmore
14. Merry Christmas To You All-Featuring Linda Blackmore And The Up With People Chorus



groovylounge said...

Thank you for everything you do! But it sure would be nice if you would post in a lossless format.

Marie said...

Yes! I ALMOST requested this one too, but saw the part about it being on CD...better grab this one quick!

Kwork said...

Thank you. I definitely missed this one the first time around. While Amazon does sell many of the old UWP recordings on mp3, I don't recall this being one of them. This one is appreciated.

FOULARD said...

Awesome! Been wanting this one for ages.

Laurie said...

You made my day with this one. Thanks, Ernie!!

sharxfan said...

Jingle Bell Beat the highlight for me. Thanks!

Plague said...

thanks for all the shares.
Xmas wouldn't be the same without them

Muff Diver said...

Top form! Thanks, Ernie :)

CaptainOT said...

Useless trivia: Up With People hold the record for most halftime appearances at the Super Bowl - five.

And it was said that when NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle saw them at Super Bowl XX, he was heard to mutter "I never want to see Up With People again!" to an aide.

Ernie said...

Another link for 2018...!tddjAKKb!0mnOQK0q1bKbpzuGkTflyOUKd88-sXcvlY762MBcP-Q