Wednesday, November 29, 2017


I haven't been doing a very good job with the reshares this year, unfortunately.  That's the bit that makes it seem like I'm sharing out a whole lot more than I really am, because the works almost all done on those posts, all I have to do is write a little something and voila!  The other issue is that I can't think of older things that I want to repost.  After having done this for so many years, a lot of it is a blur.  I think of things when I hear a familiar tune, or I see something online that reminds me of an oldie.  What made me think of this one, I have no idea.  I first shared lo-fi Louie here back in 2012, a banner year for the blog, and I don't think I've returned to him since.  You can read a little bit more about this single at the old post, and there's a comment that sheds a little bit of light on this particular issue of the track, but it's still a bit of a mystery.  Some day someone will come by and tell us all about it, I'm sure.  In the meantime, please download and give a listen to Sonny Bloch's Coralairs-Louie The Elf b/w Buon Natale (National Recording Corporation (NRC) 7" 45 RPM 2871-35 (Produced For The Junior Chamber Of Commerce), Mono, 1958).



barba said...

lo-fi! i love anything lo-fi.

and produced for the 'junior chamber of commerce'. not the varsity, mind you, the juniors.

and he parlays his talent into a criminal career. :-) you can't make this stuff up!

more about him here, if anyone cares:

Kwork said...

Thanks for the re-share. This one deserves it!

Laurie said...

I thought I'd seen another version of this and it turns out there are three - over on 45cat there's one with no picture sleeve and different catalog number and also another version with the same cover art by Sonny Block And His Elephants (no catalog information on that one).

CaptainOT said...

Not many people know this but Louie The Elf was a Teamster!