Sunday, December 16, 2012

Singles Sunday #24-Two Foot Two

The last, and maybe least, in this evening's parade of minor Christmas players is Louie The Elf.  Louie is only two feet two inches tall, and some of the other elves think that's too short to help Santa.  But Santa finds a way for Louie to be a big help after all.  That's what the big guy does, I suppose.  This record looks like it was a fundraiser for the Junior Chamber Of Commerce, which I think was somehow associated with the Jaycees.  You can read all about it on the back of the sleeve.  You can also try to figure out the mystery of the name of the band.  I went with the label, but the sleeve talks about Sonny Block (even though there's a picture of the band that shows 'Bloch') and refers to the band as The Elephants.  That's quality control for you. And the recording is a bit rough. I did what I could, but I'm not the best at restoring audio.  Still, it's an enjoyable listen.  Please download and give a listen to Sonny Bloch's Coralairs-Louie The Elf b/w Buon Natale (National Recording Corporation (NRC) 7" 45 RPM 2871-35 (Produced For The Junior Chamber Of Commerce), Mono, 1958).  I can't vouch for the veracity of the report I read, but Mr. Bloch may have turned into a bit of a shyster in his later years.


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Calvin said...

Buon Natale was originally released on NCR 16 wth a non-Christmas song on the back. It was released again on NRC 5009 with Louie The Elf. The release you have posted was along after the first two release and was done by the movie theatre company that bought the assects of the original National Recording Corp. run by Bill Lowery.