Monday, December 17, 2012

The Story Of Jimmy

In keeping with my posting of some Christmas music from shellac last night, here's another bit from the records that spin really fast. This is the story of Jimmy The Donkey, one of the animals that witnessed The Nativity.  It appears to be part of a series, with at least one other album, all taken from a book called Angel Wing.  I'm sure someone out there knows more about it than I do, and I hope they chime in.  I'll keep an eye out for that other album, but until that shows up, you're going to have to make do with Jimmy The Donkey (Guardian 2x10" 78 RPM GR 108, Mono).



Buster said...

You sure he wasn't another one of Santa's helpers?

The Blue Carbuncle said...

Too many mascots and/or cute songs to process, getting confused, need help ... is this "I saw Jimmy the Red Nosed Donkey Run Over Grandma When Coming to Town to Get His Two Front Teeth So He Can Kiss Santa Claus While Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree"?

Anonymous said...

Found this info on the book at

OCLC Number: 16931009
Description: 62 p. : ill., music ; 28 cm.
Contents: The fluff bird --
Come, my friends --
The blue of the skies --
Come, let us sing --
Mary's lullaby --
Jimmy the donkey --
Jimmy's lament --
Angel Wing and starlight --
Croon of the moon --
Lady in white --
Wake up, o come --
Jackie the rooster --
The light in the East --
My name is Jack --
A sweet baby bright --
The song of Jackie the rooster --
Minnie Water the bubble --
Minnie Water --
Minnie bubbling water --
Wake, little one.
Responsibility: Story and lyrics by Florence J. Mahoney [and] Mary Ignatia O'Connor ; musical score by Mary Teresine O'Shea ; illustrations by Dan Lawler.

Anonymous said...

best I can help with is this appears to be a Catechetical Guild label, and it was probably issued in 1948. There's a small advert in the Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune, October 1948 at which lists a number of Christmas records (some of which I have never come across before)