Sunday, December 16, 2012

Singles Sunday #25-Shellac

Is this my first post this year from 78 RPM shellac? I think it is. Well, that's not surprising, given that I've only been able to successfully rip from 78s for about a year or so, and it's quite the process. But this is a good one, I'm sure you'll agree that it was worth the wait. This is a monologue recorded by well-known radio personality Franklyn MacCormack in 1948, and apparently reissued in the Chicagoland area for many years.  I was pretty excited to find it with it's picture sleeve earlier this year.  One of the things I photoshopped off the cover was a sting of dates from 1949 on into the 60's, seemingly indicating that it had been played each and every season for almost two decades.  Underneath all those scribbles that I couldn't remove is the date of Christmas 1949, when someone gave this as a gift.  And now I'm giving it to you as a gift.  Please download and enjoy Franklyn MacCormack With Herbert Foote At The Organ-I Like Christmas b/w My New Year's Wish For You (MGM 10" 78 RPM 50009, Mono, 1948).

What's that? You like the shellac? Did you know I shared out 78 sides of Christmas music, all from shellac, back during Christmas and a half? Check it out! (Hopefully the links are still good...)


Geordie Birch said...

Thanks again. The links for parts one and two of Christmas and a half are still good but those for parts three and four are dead. Any chance of getting torrents for those?

Anonymous said...

Brilliant - the link to part 1 is still good but the other links are dead. I'd love to get these to add to my christmas collection. Any chance of updating the MediaFire links? thanks very much to you, have a wonderful christmas. xx

Feathers and Foxtrot said...

Dear Ernie, Thanks for all the fantastic vinyls you share. I have had such fun listening to many of the old ones and finding so many "new" Christmas songs that I have never heard. Your time and effort is greatly appreciated. Regards,

Stormy said...

I grew up in Chicago and was always fascinated with radio. Franklyn MacCormack hosted a nightly show on WGN Radio called "The Meister Brau Showcase" throughout the 1950s and 60s. I was only a teenager at the time and the Showcase was clearly for older folks, but I loved it and listened whenever I could. The music was mostly Easy Listening of the Mantovani variety, but Mr. MacCormack would go off on lengthy flights of poetic and prosaic fancy between sets. Imagine "I Like Christmas" delivered a little more slowly and expanded to ten minutes. Then imagine that when he gets to the end, Mr. MacCormack adds "...and if you like'll LOVE the golden premium beer brewed up by the fine folks at Meister Brau..." Mr. MacCormack actually died during a broadcast of his show, on June 12, 1971. WGN kept the show on the air for a few more years - first with host Clif Mercer and later Jay Andres, but times and tastes were changing and by the late 1970s, the Meister Brau Showcase was nothing but a fond memory for many Chicagoans.