Wednesday, December 19, 2012

In The Navy (With Danny)

In a more perfect world, I'd plan these shares out much better.  I'd have everything done and ready to go when Thanksgiving rolled around, I'd be able to get out and enjoy more of the holiday instead of sitting here in front of the computer for hours at a stretch.  But that's not how I roll.  In that perfect world, I'd have shared this record out at the same time as that other record featuring Danny Thomas, or maybe last year when I actually recorded it, but that's not how it happens.  Things just sort of happen at random, and I sort of like it that way.  Danny Thomas is the host of this record, telling short anecdotes between songs performed by various Navy bands, some good, some meh.  But it's worth a listen, and there are probably some good clips in here for your mixes.  Well, maybe your mixes next year.  This is Christmas Greetings-A Special Holiday Greeting From Danny Thomas And Your Local Navy Recruiter (V #72357, Stereo, 1973).  Some nice near-disco on some of these band tracks, too.  Check it out!


(If my count is correct, this is the 100th share of the season.  I haven't done 100 new and/or different things yet, but I'm awful close.  Congratulations to me!)


Anonymous said...

Hi Ernie -

Congratulations on the 100th Share of the season! I've been with you every step of the way. You've really made my Xmas season a real pleasure. I always look forward to coming home from work to see what gifts you've left for all of us.

Thank you again for doing what you do! One of my New Year's resolutions will be to help you find some LPs on your wish list.



Anonymous said...

In a perfect world we would all be leaving comments that say:


As one who can't get enough Christmas music, I really appreciate the time you put into this sharing!

Geordie Birch said...

I can dig Danny Thomas. My little daughter and I just finished watching "A Cricket on the Hearth."

Tanktop said...

A big pat on the back for you, Ernie! THANK YOU for the many downloads of Christmas happiness, 99% of which have not been "meh":-)) You bring many smiles, my friend:)

Tony said...

Thank you for all of the hard work, Ernie. I don't know how you do it!

luckymike said...

100 Shares just this Season alone! Warmest thanks for 2 reasons: as individuals, we enjoy or even cherish some of what you put out there. But (as I've probably said before) you're also providing a greater service - keeping so much music and popular culture alive that would otherwise be lost forever. There was little hope of ever finding the majority of this material resurface in "a record store" on disc. And now in the digital age, finding major label reissues for paid download is never going to happen. Think of how much beautiful, nostalgic or just plain fun music is being enjoyed now that would never be heard again? That's a gift that will keep on giving for generations. Thanks again and best wishes, as always.

Wilder Knockenmann said...

Thank you for the many marvelous gifts you've shared this season. You have expanded our Christmas sound world exponentially and brightened the holidays for all who have listened. Thanks for keeping this music alive and spreading such warm and timeless holiday cheer. It is most appreciated.

Suze said...

Have you, by chance, ever shared out 'The Twelve Days of Christmas,' by Ramsey Lewis?

ChrisP said...

Here is the track list, for those who may want it...

1 - Introduction - Danny Thomas
2 - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - The Port Authority Of The United States Navy Band
3 - Break 1 - Danny Thomas
4 - The First Noel - The Blue Jackets Choir From The Great Lakes Training Center
5 - Break 2 - Danny Thomas
6 - While By My Sheep - The United States Naval Academy Glee Club
7 - Break 3 - Danny Thomas
8 - White Christmas - The United States Naval Academy Band
9 - Break 4 - Danny Thomas
10 - Calypso Noel - The United States Navy Band
11 - Conclusion - Danny Thomas
12 - Introduction - Danny Thomas
13 - Pat-A-Pan - The United States Naval Academy Glee Club
14 - Break 1 - Danny Thomas
15 - Jingle Bells - The Dixieland Group Of The United States Navy Band
16 - Break 2 - Danny Thomas
17 - Rise Up Shepherd - The Blue Jackets Choir From The Great Lakes Training Center
18 - Break 3 - Danny Thomas
19 - The Holly And The Ivy - The United States Naval Academy Glee Club
20 - Break 4 - Danny Thomas
21 - Sleigh Ride - The Atlantic Fleet Band
22 - Conclusion & Jingle Bells - Danny Thomas & The Dixieland Group Of The United States Navy Band

Ernie said...

My fingers were tired...