Monday, July 06, 2009

Christmas In July 2009-Day The Sixth

Hello again! Welcome back! Tonight is the first night of the month that I'm going to advise you against downloading the shares. There's nothing really good in here. It's all stuff that I thought might be decent based on the title, but nothing here has much of a Christmas feeling to it. Sorry about that. I'll do better tomorrow, I promise.

Now for those of you who are still with me, let's take a look at what's in tonight's crappy share. I'll start out with Snow Deer (Snow Deer Rag) by Al "Spider" Dugan from the wonderfully-titled LP Please Don't Put Your Empties On The Piano (Warner Bros W 1329, 1959). I think I shared out some versions of this same track last year, and they didn't strike me as particularly Christmassy then, either.

Track two is Roses In December by Alan McGill from his LP Alan McGill Sings (Sacred LP 9040). I had high hopes for this one because there was a picture of Roy Rogers on the cover! I thought the whole record was songs that he had written, but looking closely at the credits, that appears to be the case for only two of the tracks. At least it's on red vinyl. Scratchy red vinyl, but red vinyl nonetheless.

Up next is Eileen Farrell With Percy Faith And His Orchestra doing I Never Has Seen The Snow from This Fling Called Love (Columbia Special Products-Special Archive Series CSRP 8539). Again, high hopes, but nothing special.

Number four is Will Glahe And His Orchestra doing Holiday Polka from the album The Big Polka Band Hits (London PS 344). Pretty sure they mean holiday as in vacation, not as in Christmas. Haven't I previously shared a song of the same title? I think I have.

Lastly, you get Holiday Forever (Randy Brooks' Theme Song) by, you guessed it, Randy Brooks And His Orchestra. No idea who Randy Brooks is, but he must be important to have a theme song. This is from the LP Trumpet Moods (Decca DL 8201). Again, I think it's holiday as in vacation here.

There you go. If you care, here's the download link. Better stuff tomorrow, promise.


Buster said...

Oh, hell, you're too hard on yourself. They can't all be winners!

By the way, if Ernie had a theme song, what would it be?

Ernie said...

Ernie's theme song? Why Rubber Ducky, of course! :)