Sunday, July 05, 2009

Christmas In July 2009-Day The Fifth

Here it is, the fifth day, and I'm already running behind. I've been getting these posts up for you right after midnight, but now it's almost nine at night and I'm just now getting you a share for today. Sorry about that. Got too much to do around here, I guess. So what's on tap for today? How about five tracks tied together by the word Christmas in the title? Not much a theme, but it'll do.

Track one is Christmastime by The Collegians, Soloist-Craig Blair, from the album Let Freedom Ring-A Bicentennial Musical By Harry Bollback (Word Of Life Fellowship W-7606, 1976). This seems to be some sort of artifact from the US Bicentennial in 1976, but with a religious twist.

Track two is a lot more fun. The song is Christmas Is by country superstar Tom T. Hall from a whole album of songs for children called Saturday Morning Songs/The "Is" Songs (RCA AHL1-3362, 1979). This is a really nice song that I'm sure you'll enjoy over and over again.

Track three is the first of I think three we'll see from Burl Ives this month. This first one is called Christmas Cradle Hymn from the album Songs I Sang In Sunday School (Word WST-8130-LP). Singing alongside Burl on this short track are The Radio Kids Bible Club Children's Choir. Whew, say that three times fast...

Track four is a version of Blue Christmas by Robert Gordon With The Wildcats from the LP Rock Billy Boogie (RCA AFL1-3294, 1979). This isn't the first version of Blue Christmas you'll here this year, I suspect...

Fifth and last is At Christmastime by Harry Secombe, Florence Henderson, Elizabeth Larner, Toralv Maurstad & Chorus, the cast of the movie Song of Norway from the soundtrack of the same name (ABC ABCS-OC-14, 1970). I think the movie is about the life of Edvard Greig, and there is at least one other song on there that I hope to share with you later in the month. Lot's of foreshadowing going on today for some reason.

Anyhow, there's your five tracks for the day, and here's your download link. See you all again tomorrow!

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