Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Highest Court

Here it is, the Supreme Court, the last say when it comes to the law of the land. I stumbled on it almost by accident during my time in DC. I wasn't going by the map, I was just wandering from site to site, trying to take it all in. I remember it wasn't far from the US Capitol, on the way to Union Station. Or something like that, it's been almost two months since I was there for two days, so I don't have much memory to go on. Pretty impressive place, too, but oddly deserted when I was there. I guess it's off the beaten tourist path somewhat, and not as glamorous as Air And Space, or the Washington Monument.

Just for the record, there is not a statue of a lady out front wearing a blindfold and carrying some scales to weigh out equal justice. I was a bit disappointed by that.


uncreative said...

isn't blind justice in the relief along the top?

isn't the capitol complex immediately to your back just across the street as you take pics of the supreme court building?

Ernie said...

The Capitol is behind and to the right, if I recall correctly. I had no idea the Supreme Court was even there as I wandered up to it.

Don't remember what's in the relief, other than the Ten Commandments. And I think some people would try to get those taken down if they recognized them. I would have posted a picture of the stonework up there, but it was covered by a net, either because it's falling apart, or perhaps they are working on it.