Thursday, November 22, 2007

Where I Left Off Last Year

Here's a record I first shared out last year right at the end of the season, so it's possible that many of you missed it. This is one of the records that I am always on the lookout for in the bins, because all I have is this mono copy, and it's pretty beat. I would love to get a stereo copy in nice shape, but I'm only willing to pay a buck for it (I'm cheap!). I think I originally paid a quarter for this one, and it sat in my collection for years before I ever played it. Boy, was I surprised! This is a really great album that should be on every one's playlist! So if you don't have it already, please go download Gisele MacKenzie-Christmas With Gisele (RCA Victor LPM-2006, Mono, 1959). You can also check out an earlier EP from Gisele that has many of these same tracks on it. It may not give you any more music, but it does give you another picture of Mademoiselle Gisele.

Update: Looks like someone finally wised up about this record. It's now available for download on iTunes. So I can't share it anymore, but you can download a nice MP3 version of it.


Jim said...

Gisele MacKenzie's "Christmas with Gisele" is, by far, one of the best all time holiday albums EVER! Gisele was a natural for these tunes, having perfect pitch and a wonderful contralto voice, and you can't beat those Ray Charles arrangements (the choral director, not the blind singer). The album was first released in 1957 and was used as the center piece for Gisele's NBC-TV show that year. Originally released by RCA Victor's Vik label as LX-1099, it was re-released on the parent RCA Victor label as LPM-2006 in 1959. There was never a stereo editon. Individual songs from this album appear every year on various artists CD collections! Oh, and I must mention the great cover photo by David B. Hecht!

Anonymous said...

Bless you, bless you, bless you! I grew up on this Christmas album and, of course, it's been out of print for years. My mother had sent me a cassette recording of the LP but I lost it. I am so happy to have this back, I can't tell you. I used to sing her Rudolf song in fractured French when I was 5! Also, He's Too Fat for the Chimney--I serenaded some fellow singers with it while Christmas caroling the other night! I am, by the way, a singer myself now and she was one of my inspirations. Thank you again!

Gretchen said...

Thank you for sharing this. We had "God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen" on one of those B.F. Goodrich albums. Gisele's version has always been my favorite.