Friday, November 23, 2007

Snowmen? In Florida??

This is one of my favorite covers of all the stuff I'm sharing out this year. I walked into the Goodwill store, and there it was, right on the front of the rack. All those great snowmen looking back at me with their varied expressions, I knew this would become a share on the blog. I had no idea what kind of music it would be. I hoped for something like swing, but what I got was a Chipmunks ripoff. It's not bad though. There's a nice little narration that runs through the record, but it's too short, really. This is from the Craftsmen label, a subsidiary of notorious budget label Precision Radiation Instruments. Now that you know that, you won't be surprised by the horrible surface noise and relatively low fidelity of this recording. But you can still enjoy it. Help yourself to Swing Along With Santa's Snowmen (Craftsmen C 8040).


Anonymous said...

Hi, Ernie--

Cool to see this one here. It's one of the albums I grew up with. Fortunately, I ended up with all the LPs, so I converted it myself a few years back.

I've enjoyed your site for a couple years now - thanks for all you do. I've haunted thrift stores for years now looking for records, but thanks to your blog and a couple others, I don't pass over those Christmas albums any more.

I've been doing a bunch of converting myself in the last few days - not at your level, but in anticipation of this year's compilation cd - my favorite today has been Peggy Lee's Happy Holiday. Snappy! Of course, the Doris Day Christmas Album was so good I had to do the whole thing, along with a couple Fred Waring albums.

Anyway, happy holidays, and looking forward to your posts this season!


CaptainOT said...

A friend of mine gave this one to me two weeks ago. Lo and behold, Ernie has done the grunt work!

Thanks again Ern!