Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Still More Aussie Floyd

One of the great things about the Australian Pink Floyd show was that they played music from all phases of Floyd, from the early psychedelia of Astronomy Domine & Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun to the Roger-less Division Bell. They also took visuals from all eras as well. Above is a bit of the imagery from Pulse, and below is a picture of Floyd founder Syd Barrett.

Another part of the fun of Aussie Floyd is their incorporation of Australian culture into the Floyd mythos. In the shot above, you can see their pink kangaroo making an appearance on the Wish You Were Here album cover. He shows up a lot throughout the concert. The shot below shows an image taken from the Floyd box set, Shine On. These guys did as good a job with the visuals as they did with the music.

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