Saturday, November 24, 2007

Missing Music

Hold your horses, don't get all excited. There is no download here. I don't even own this record, all I own is the sleeve. Sometimes I come across empty sleeves and I have to buy them just for the great pictures. This is not one of those cases. This picture of somebodies house decorated for the season is not very impressive. What is impressive, and what makes me post this here is the little note at lower left. "Chimes By Chimeatron". That's something I want to hear. What is a Chime-A-Tron and where can I get one of my own? Anybody out there got a copy of this that the want to share? Please? Judging from the back cover, there was even a stereo version of this released, but I've never seen anything other than this empty sleeve. Just for the record, this is George Chiainia At The Organ And Chimes-Music Of The Holiday Season (Colonial LP-272). C'mon, somebody out there must have this record...

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