Thursday, November 22, 2007

And So It Begins

Well, Thanksgiving dinner (2, actually) is over. The turkey is gone, the diet Mountain Dew is all guzzled, and I'm sure my sugar is through the roof. That means it's time to open up the vault and start with the Christmas music. You get to listen to it and I get to share it. Over the next month I hope to bring you some of the best and some of the worst Christmas records that vinyl ever had to offer. Everything I share is stuff that I own and ripped myself from scratchy old vinyl. I've recorded it over the past 4 months, one record at a time, scanned the covers in, converted everything to MP3, tagged it all, uploaded it, and now I'm gonna post it. If I should inadvertently post something that's on CD, please let me know, I'll get it taken down immediately. If there is a problem with something I post, please let me know, I'll try to get it fixed. If you have a question, please ask it. I usually post all the info I have about an LP, but the comments are great places for other folks to share their knowledge. There are plenty of people out there who know more about this music than I do, and they sometimes stop by and share tidbits. Plus I just love to get comments about my shares. If you come across something that has been deleted, please leave a comment and I'll try to get it back up. Unless, of course, it's something that is on CD now, in which case I usually post a note and a link to somewhere that you can visit to buy the music. All of my stuff is shared out using RapidShare. I know some of you don't like it because you have to wait an hour between downloads. Please consider getting a month-long subscription for about $15. You'll be happy you did. Sometimes RapidShare goes down, so if it doesn't seem to be working, just give it a few hours and try again. Anything else I wanted to mention? Not that I can think of. I hope you enjoy the Christmas music and may it make your season a little bit brighter!

PS: If you use any of my stuff in your Christmas mixes, I'd love to hear it. Drop me a line and I can hook you up with an address if you'd like to send a hard copy. Or if you share it out on the web, please put a link in the comments! Thanks again!

Now, how about some music?


Anonymous said...

The season has started with a BANG! Thanks for all the hard work; looking forward to more 'treasures' you have to offer during the season!!!

Anonymous said...

You are, of course, the man. A one-man music machine grinding out Christmas joy at an alarming rate.

Here we go again..........

Anonymous said...

That's your cover, right there.

And some real gems for Day 1 posted above, I see.

Anonymous said...

How do we get in touch with you? You say several times to "get in touch" or "Let me know", but darned if I can find an email or PM link anywhere! I tried sending an email to you taking a guess at a couple email addresses, and they were both returned.

So other than posting here in the wide open, how do we contact you?

Ernie said...

There's not a link to my profile in the upper right? I thought they had fixed that, but maybe it depends on the OS or browser. Sorry about that. Anyhow, you can reach me at ernienotbert (at) gmail (dot) com.

Oh, and thanks for the kind words, guys. :)