Sunday, November 18, 2007

Aussie Floyd

Through the miracle of an unsecured wireless router, my laptop is suddenly online. That means I can show you a picture of the concert from last night, less than twelve hours after the fact. What you see above is the Australian Pink Floyd, in all their reflected Floyd glory. Much, much, much more to come when I get back to my own computer.


Anonymous said...

Funny, the associations one's mind makes. I saw the headline and immediately thought, "There's an Australian Uncle Floyd?"

Happy Thanksgiving week!

Anonymous said...

Ernie -

Happy Holidays. I left this message on the Walter Schumanns page back foirm 12/06 . I saw a mesage that the Walter Schumanns Voices of Christams album is now available on CD and you say avavaiblke here but do not see link to go to. I would love to get this album in time for Christmas this year. Thanks for your help!
Regards -