Friday, November 23, 2007

Not For Sale

Here's an album from long, long ago. Not only a long time in years, but a long time in spirit. I couldn't find much info on this LP out on the wide, wild internet, but judging by the info on the sleeve, this was a giveaway when you bought a Magnavox product, possibly a TV, back in the fifties. But it wasn't just a no-name group of session musicians they hired. No, it was a company chorus that actually competed in national competitions and won! There's a little note right there on the front of the album, telling how these folks won first prize at the Chicagoland National Music Festival. Magnvox must have been proud of them. They also hired Virgil Fox, wizard of the organ, to fill things out a bit, with some solemn interludes between the acapella numbers. Fans of vocal choruses should enjoy this little lost slice of history. Please download Christmas Favorites Sung By The Magnificent Magnavox Chorus (Magnavox). If anybody knows any more about this record, please leave me a comment. I'd love to know the history of this record. For the curious, I posted a doodle or two from the flipside of this record back during Christmas in July.


Dave said...

I could find nothing about this LP either. I did see someone has one for sale on ebay for $20.00.


Anonymous said...

George Murphy,

I have two copies and there is no info about the organ solos. The final is Bach's In Thee is Joy from the Orgelbuchlein. Also, the first selection on Side Two is Il est ne in an arrangement by Robert Leech Bedell. It is probably a promotional/free gift to someone purchasing a Mag product in the fifties.

Anonymous said...

George is right about the gift LP as I grew up listening to this wonderful LP and it has held a special place in my Christmas LP collection (and memories).

The organist is none other than Virgil Fox playing the organ at Riverside Memorial Church, New York. I have transferred the LP to disc as part of my small cottage business (Great Music Transfers)for a modest price of $10.00 plus actual shipping cost.

If you are me at

Kind regards,

Greg Thompson

Anonymous said...

Someone contacted me via email re: obtaining a copy of the Magnovox Christmas LP transferred to CD. Please resend your request as somehow it was deleted from my phone. My apologies!!

Kind regards,

Greg & Great Music Transfers

Anonymous said...

Hi Ernie,

Please reshare this as it seems to be gone from rapidshare.


Geordie Birch