Sunday, December 09, 2018

The Eighth Night

Well, looks like I'm going to make it!  It's the eighth night of Chanukah and here is my eighth share featuring a little bit of Chanukah music!  I hadn't planned to go all eight nights, but when you're hot, you're hot!  This record is a nice collection of tracks by local artists in the Sacramento, California area, something I was pretty excited to find.  I've been sharing Christmas albums from around the world for a while now, and this is part of a detour around the US for a week or so.  I kinda liked the little voice-over at the beginning of one of the Chanukah selections, explaining that all people and all holidays are being represented.  Sad to think they needed to explain, but good that they included everyone.  This cover is supposed to be a little more gold than it shows in the scan, but it's a hard color to get right.  Just try to imagine what it should look like instead of the way I put it out there if you're trying to find one.  This is Christmas In Sacramento Featuring Sacramento Christmas Choirs (Ikon Records for KGMS Radio No Number, Mono). Very eclectic collection of choral groups on here.  Church groups, company choirs, Air Force children! Wow! (Listen close for the ringing telephone in the room!)

1. Arcade Baptist Church Choir-Director: Lee Gerig-Christmas Hymn
2. Bethel Temple Bethelaires-Director: Earl Johnson-Ring The Bells
3. St. Francis Adult Choir-Director: Anton Dorndorf-O Holy Night
4. Redeemer Covenent Choir-Director: Alvin C. Molen-Listen
5. Sacramento State College Chorus-Director: Paschel Monk-O Magnum Mysterium
6. Mather Air Force Childrens Choir-Director: Mrs. Trini Ortiz-Dear Little Stranger
7. Congregation B'Nai Isreal-Cantor Eli Cohn-Organist Ray Blackburn-Blessings Over Chanuka Candles And Rock Of Ages
8. Mather Air Force Childrens Choir-Director: Mrs. Trini Ortiz-Birthday Of A King
9. Westminster Presbyterian Church Choir-Director: Philip Manwell-Praise Ye The Lord
10. Aerojet-General Mixed Chorus-Director: Alvin C. Molen-Mistletoe
11. Voices Of Inspiration Choir-Directors: William Thompson And Joseph Slade-Silent Night
12. Congregation B'Nai Isreal-Cantor Eli Cohn-Organist Ray Blackburn-O Chanuka O Chanuka And O Chanuka Feast Of Our Joy



Buster said...

Very impressive!

Geordie said...

Thanks, and nice job on the Chanukah shares. My housemate is hosting a Chanukah party tonight, and thanks to E(nB) we have some music for it. (Yes, I warned her that I am somewhat less than familiar with the material...)

Kwork said...

Nice. Thank you.