Friday, December 14, 2018


Where was I yesterday?  Oh, yeah, Pittsburgh.  So we're not traveling too, too far today to Buffalo, New York, deep in the snow belt. Another record that came my way in the past year, I knew it looked familiar but I had a hard time placing it.  Then I realized it had been shared on the blogs over at many years ago by our good friend Stubby.  So for the second time this season, I'm stepping on his toes and sharing something that he first gave us.  I'll try not to make a habit of that, I promise.  This is the Buffalo Christmas Ensemble-Ho Ho Ho (No Label DJ-1285, Stereo, 1985). This is local Christmas at it's best, so don't miss out!

1. Saint Nicholas Introduction
2. The Night Before Christmas
3. Silent Night
4. Sleigh Ride Medley: Sleigh Ride; Santa Claus Is Coming To Town; Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer; The Christmas Song
5. Jingle Bells-Santa Speaks
6. Christmas Morning
7. Christmas Afternoon
9. Christmas Eternal; Christmas Time To Turn Within
10. Ave Maria
11. Birthday Medley (Adeste): O Come All Ye Faithful; What Child Is This?; Joy To The World; Angels We Have Heard On High



barba said...

so you posted this nice christmas album recorded at the first presbyterian church of buffalo with celestes and harps and bassoons and oboes, and down in the fine print is listed “the barroom buzzards”. and i thought, “nawwww… sounds like a bunch of drunks. must be a mistake”. nope. amid the choraleers and the boy soprano and the wind ensemble and little virginia o’hanlon is a shameless bunch of braying drunks who stammer out stories, sing songs, and impersonate santa. not like the church i went to. (some guys have all the luck.) now, i’m no killjoy. i’ve been known to line ‘em up before last call and press the house to “pour it over me”. but in all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world i’ve been to, you had to be twenty-one to get in. no boy sopranos or little virginias. along about the time one of the barroom buzzards proposes “say kids, you wanna go for a sleigh ride?”, i’m ready to call 911. producer-director dan johnston, a disciple of the carl stalling school of music, can’t seem to decide whether he should be naughty or nice. he can play sober church music. but clearly he’d rather be performing in a shakey’s pizza parlor.

one of the more interesting offerings this season.

Kwork said...

LOL, Barba, but this one is interesting. Thank you Ernie.