Thursday, December 13, 2007

Sweet, Sweet Christmas Music

One of the great, lost Christmas albums I rescued from obscurity last year is this gem from Domenico Savino. Not only do you get this great cover, you get some great music. And you get two great versions! The stereo version features his orchestra with a chorus added on a few tracks. And the mono version features just the orchestra. So you can get exactly what you want, whether it's instrumental or vocal Christmas! How great is that? So take your pick and download either Domenico Savino And His Orchestra-Hi-Fi Christmas Party (RCA Camden CAL-392, 1958, Mono) or Domenico Savino, His Orchestra And Chorus-Hi-Fi Christmas Party (RCA Camden CAS-392, 1958, Stereo). You just can't go wrong. I also shared an EP from Mr Savino last year, but I think all the music from that record is on the mono version here.

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  1. I bought the mono album at a flea market when I was about 12 and that was my very own Christmas album every year. Thanks for the post! I still have the LP, but no stereo system at the moment.


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