Sunday, December 09, 2007

Three Suns Sunday-Part Six

Another year passes from the previous Christmas single by The Three Suns, and out pops another Christmas tune, this time a song called Uncle Mistletoe. I had never heard of Uncle Mistletoe, but a little web research reveals that he was a character very similar to Rudolph. I Chicago area department store, Marshall-Fields, created him in1946 in much the same way that Montgomery Ward created Rudolph. Uncle Mistletoe never took off in the same way that Rudolph did (although there were four seasons worth of animated adventures created, apparently), but I have found at least one other version of this cute little tune. The flip side of this single seems to be the same version of Sleigh Ride that was on the previous single. Now, about this copy of the single. It's obviously not on RCA Victor. I've got no idea what happened here. Maybe it's a reissue, maybe it's a bootleg. I bought it from a record shop in Chicago over the phone. The versions on it sound the same as the versions I shared last year, courtesy of friend-of-the-blog Pete. I was excited to be able to share my own copy this year, but I wish I knew the story of this odd label that lists no artists. Oh, did I mention that Uncle Mistletoe is a vocal number? Vocal refrains are handled by Texas Jim Robertson. Please help yourself to The Three Suns-Uncle Mistletoe/Sleigh Ride (Do You Remember #344, originally 1951).

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Anonymous said...

Nice that you found your own copy of this 45, Ernie...but I wonder what's up with the mystery label? Truly odd!