Sunday, December 09, 2007

Three Suns Sunday-Part Nine

This brings us to the very last track for Three Suns Sunday. This was a track posted back during my original Christmas In July celebration in 2006. I guess there is some concern about whether or not these two records are even The Three Suns or not. I'm not going to get in the middle of that, I just know it sounds like it could be early Suns material. When I posted this track a year and a half ago, it was without artwork, so here are the covers I have. The one above is the one I actually recorded, but they both feature exactly the same tracks. To finish up your collection, please download Busy Holiday by The Three Suns, either from The Three Suns Play (Varsity 69108) or from Twilight Time (Varsity VLP 6001, 1952). Well, it says 1952, but I'm sure it's reissues of older material. I hope you've gotten a kick out of all this Three Suns Christmas. I know I have.


Commander Salamander said...

Ernie, these are great finds! By the look at the titles on these Varsity issues, they appear to be re-issues of recordings between 1944 to 1946 when they recorded with HIT and Majestic Records. These look pretty rare!

Love for you to share the whole EP after Christmas. That would be a real treat!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Commander. I'd love to hear the whole e.p.

Thanks for all of the Three Suns as always, Ernie! : D