Sunday, December 09, 2007

26 Days Of Christmas-Day 10

I didn't intend this to be an all-singles collection, but with the exception of the first day, that seems to be the way it's turned out. I had given a little thought to doing it that way and calling it Christmas At 45 RPM, but decided against it. Maybe I'll try that next year. Back to the subject at hand, your track tonight is another version of Uncle Mistletoe, this time by Eddy Howard And His Orchestra (Mercury 5722-X45). I shared a different version of this track earlier today by The Three Suns. I found this one while searching for that one. I don't know if this one is as good as that one, but it's still good. This one has an odd statement on it about how the Uncle Mistletoe character is the property of Marshall Field & Co. I don't remember all this disclaimer being on The Three Suns copy.

Previous Tunes:
Mickey Gilley-Don't The Girls All Get Prettier At Christmas Time
Scott Fagen-Sandy The Blue Nosed Reindeer
Russ Morgan-The Mistletoe Kiss
Sascha Burland-The Chickens Are In The Chimes!
Commander Shea School Boys' Choir-Chree-See-Mus
The Crew-Cuts-Dance Mr. Snowman Dance
Tennessee Ernie-A Rootin' Tootin' Santa Claus
Arthur Godfrey-Christmas Is Christmas
Sue Powell-Kiss Me It's Kiss-mas

(What's up with that Arthur Godfrey track? Over two hundred downloads? My album shares aren't getting that kind of action! There must be a link to it from somewhere that I'm not seeing. Somebody want to clue me in?)


Unknown said...

Do you happen to have access to the television show version of Uncle Mistletoe? Also, are you aware of any Mr. Bingle songs?

Thanks for the great shares!

Ernie said...

I'm afraid I don't have anything showing Uncle Mistletoe. One of the sites I looked at while researching the record had a frame grab showing a title card, but I didn't see a link to any video. Don't even know who Mr. Bingle is, I'm afraid. Another advertising character?

Unknown said...

Thanks Ernie.

Here are some links regarding Mr. Bingle:

FYI -- I wasn't seeking video for the Adventures of Uncle Mistletoe but rather the theme song from Johnny Coons.

A clip appears on this page.

Unknown said...

Here it is! It's only $40. Ugh.

X Esquire said...

This is a perfect fit for the mix I'm making for the family this year. As always, thanks for the great holiday music (and I really enjoy all the photos too...)

Paul F