Thursday, December 13, 2007

Compatible Christmas

For years now, I've seen these odd records in the shops. No artist is listed, or at least not a real artist. The most distinguishing feature for me was the big banner across the top proclaiming "Compatible" as if that were every bit as important as Living Stereo or something. Prior to this year, I had never seen a Christmas record in this series, but then I got lucky. I think the first one I found is the one above, but there are more (stay tuned!). This one is The Music City Choral And Orchestra With Lead Vocals By Troy Green-White Christmas And Other Holiday Favorites (Modern Sound Christmas Album #4). See, the little number 4 there? Are there really 3 more of these? Not sure, but we'll see. And who is this artist? I don't think there was ever really a group called The Music City Choral and Orchestra. And Troy Green? Doubt it. These were cheap releases ground out by people who couldn't get real jobs in the music industry. Having said that, I have to admit to a fondness for a couple of tracks on here. I only wish they were better recorded, and the LP taken better care of down through the years.


  1. Ernie,
    I passed the link to your blog to a collector of Modern Sound lp's. They were part of the organization that put out the Hit label which recorded cover 45's of the hits of the day in the 60's, and sold them at a low price in the dime stores and grocery stores, etc. Nashville session musicians including some who had hits of their own recorded these. One of the more interesting stories was that when the group Ronny and the Daytonas had a hit on the charts with "Little GTO", being from Nashville, the Daytonas without Ronny went back into the studio and recorded the song for the Hit label.

    Ron (Not Ronny)

  2. Thanks for the info Ron. That may be the same guy who I linked to in the next post (or was it the one after that?). I posted a whole series of things tonight about this label, or similar labels, all of whom seemed to be in bed with each other at one time or another. It's funny how they kept changing the name to try and keep the same old product out there.


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