Monday, December 10, 2007

Iconic Faux Floyd

There were plenty of moments during The Australian Pink Floyd show where if you let yourself, you'd start to believe that you were really seeing Pink Floyd. Of course, you and I could never get tickets to see the real Floyd from the 8th row, and certainly not in a theater with only a couple thousand seats. But there were moments where the experience felt the same. They did a great job of duplicating some Floyd effects, especially the big round screen behind the band, and the visuals on that screen were very effective. Even the props were dead on. Check out the chair the singer is sitting in during One Of My Turns. Looks familiar? Footage of the flying pig over Battersea? Check. Bricks in a wall? Check. Even a giant mirror ball during the encore? Check. Only difference I remember was that when I saw Floyd at Tampa Stadium, the mirror ball was in the middle of the audience, behind my seat. And it was much, much bigger.

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