Saturday, December 15, 2007

Mail Call

I checked my mail box today, and nearly fell over. I found not one, not two but three packages of Christmas CDs in there! And that's not counting one I got last week! Thank you so much to all the folks who sent me their Christmas CDs! I haven't opened all of them yet, but I'm doing my best to get them all opened and listened to before Christmas. I actually got one CD that you can go out and buy if you'd like, and I highly encourage you to do so if you haven't already. It's called Seasonal Favorites Volume Two from Double Crown Records. It's all sorts of great Christmas tunes from a great label that issues modern surf, rockabilly, retro-cocktail, I hesitate to even try and put a label on some of this stuff. If you don't like the Christmas music you hear on the radio, you're sure to like what you hear on this CD (or on volume one for that matter). Go get it, and tell 'em Ernie sent you! (They may not have any idea who Ernie is, but say it anyway. Say it loud!) Oh, and support your local record store, unless they happen to be in a mall.

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  1. Hi Ernie,

    My favorite local record store does happen to be in a mall. They are nice people, too. Why should I not support them just beacause of their location?

    Best wishes.


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