Monday, December 10, 2007

Dick Leibert Returns-Part Five

So, why do you think I'm sharing out all of my Dick Leibert from past years? Because it's good stuff? Well, yeah, there is that. But it's also because I finally found the last Leibert Christmas LP I was missing! This is the one that I bemoaned not having last year. I love when I can complete an artist collection like this. You have to flip through a lot of dollar records to find the one you want, let me tell ya! Anyone can order something off of eBay or GEMM, but flipping through the stacks at Goodwill and The Salvation Army takes work and dedication. So please, download Dick Leibert-Christmas At Radio City (Westminster WP 6035, 1956). I'm not entirely sure where this one fits into the discography, but I think it's his first recording of Christmas music at Radio City.

I believe there is more Leibert to be had in the Christmas In July shares. Lemme check... Yep. Try here and here.


Anonymous said...

These are worth collecting just for the great cover shots of Rockefeller Center!


Anonymous said...

Funny, every single one of the links to download the Leibert Xmas albums doesn't work. Is this because you can't share them anymore, or have they just expired? I was hoping to get some of this old music that we listened to as kids to play for my even older mum this Xmas, and you seem to be the main source for it. Any chance those RapidShare links will work in the future?

Ernie said...

RapidShare is for all intents and purposes belly-up. I put all of the Leibert shares up in a new post for you with new MediaFire links that should be good.