Sunday, December 04, 2011

60 Blasts From The Past

Here is a new remaster of an old favorite.  Now, if I can just get the attribution right.  The primary performer here is Les Djinns Singers, but every third track is by The Christmas Bell Ringers.  The title of the album is 60 French Girls-Joyeaux Noël.  There is no group called 60 French Girls, at least that's the way I understand it.  I've also been told several times over the years of sharing this that there is no such word as joyeaux in any language, much less French, so that must have been made up by the fine folks at ABC-Paramount when they made this LP.  I've been sharing this record for years (although for many years the download was titled 60 Franch Girls), and it's always been a popular download.  So this year I decided to re-record it with some of the experience I've gained over the years and I think it sounds better than ever.  But you should download it and be the judge, jury and executioner.  Well, I hope execution won't be necessary, but you never know.  This is 60 French Girls-Joyeaux Noël by Les Djinns Singers and The Christmas Bell Ringers (ABC-Paramount ABCS-397, Stereo, 1961).

01. Les Djinns Singers-Minuit, Chretriens (O, Holy Night)
02. Les Djinns Singers-Nuit Des Nuit (Silent Night)
03. Christmas Bell Ringers-Good King Wenceslas
04. Les Djinns Singers-Il Est Ne Divin Enfant (He Is Born A Divine Child)
05. Les Djinns Singers-Noël 'Trois Anges Sont Venus Ce Soir' (Christmas 'Three Angels We've Seen This Night')
06. Christmas Bell Ringers-Hark, The Herald Angels Sing
07. Les Djinns Singers-Non Beau Sapin (O Tannenbaum)
08. Les Djinns Singers-Pour Noël (For Christmas)
09. Christmas Bell Ringers-God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
10. Les Djinns Singers-Noël, C'est L'Amour (Christmas, This Is Love)
11. Les Djinns Singers-Noël Blanc (White Christmas)
12. Christmas Bell Ringers-O, Come All Ye Faithful

Going back and reading my original post of this, I guess I didn't like it. Maybe it's the new transfer, or just the passage of time, but I like it a lot more now. Or perhaps the things that you knew from when you were younger just get better with age. Like broccoli.  Oh, and for what it's worth, I found a single released from this LP of Pour Noël (For Christmas) & Minuit, Chretriens (O, Holy Night).  It's the exact same music, only it was in mono.  No picture sleeve, even.  So I'm not gonna bother throwing it up here.


Anonymous said...

Superbe! très bon!

Anonymous said...

Two links about "Les Djinns" :
and the original French issue of "Les Djinns chantent Noel" :
That should answer all your questions.
This group was quite popular during the 1960s.
Forget about the bells, they are spurious.
A very interresting post, as I have never heard this recording.

Thank you and JOYEUX NOEL !

Victor, Montreal, QC

mcarp555 said...

Hey Ernie -

I read your post from 200...7? about the John McCarthy Chorale and "The Greatest Songs of Christmas" (with the non-pretty cover).

We had the 8-track many years ago, and I'd like to get the songs to put on CD. The download link from that post is no longer working. Is there a way go get an update for that? Can ya help out an ex-Floridian (Brevard Co.)?

Ernie said...

Brevard? Sheesh! West Coast Rules!

I'll see what I can do, watch this space tonight. Well, not this exact space, but the blog in general... :)

Zepp said...

This is one of my favorite shares of yours .. and I compared side by side the quality of the rip .. BRAVO!!

What an incredible difference .. clear tones, brighter highs ...

Great job, Ernie ...!

jesse said...

Interesting that several of the Les Djinns went on to form Les Gam's, a girl group any respectable fan of 60's French pop will immediately recognize.

Can't wait to listen to this--I've only heard a few clips, and it sounds gorgeous! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

oh,I just listened to the "old" rip this morning! Can't wait to hear it now! Thank you!!

Mariana said...

Thank you very much, Ernie!! You made my day!! This is an excellent gift for my dad! My heart is beating so fast because today we were talking about Les Djinns, my dad told me that he'd never could find this recording, so this is very special for me and I'm absolutely sure that for him, is gonna be a huge surprise! Thank you again! Kisses from Mexico City!

Anonymous said...

Please tell me how to I can get a copy! It will be like going back in time, (not that my childhood was all that great) I remember sitting in my pajamas and listening to this on the magnavox, until i was yelled at for wasting time. I envisioned 60 french girls in full make-up, looking more like whores than chanteuses, full of corsets and make-up, what the heck did i know! anyway i NEED this recording, please tell me how!!! thank you thank you thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

great music thanks for sharing such beautiful music ...
greetings from Mexico ...

Victor trejo

Anonymous said...

I have found a source for Les Djinns Singers music. All their LPs have now been remastered and transferred to CDs. Check out My Music Boutique and/or Arazol Music, Inc. A couple in Arizona sell the recordings. ENJOY!

Ernie said...

They appear to just be ripping the albums to CD, same as I do, only they sell the product.