Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Stereo Mummers

One of the more popular, or at least one of the more talked about shares from last year was Happy Holiday With The "Best Of The Mummers", but unfortunately, the copy I had was in mono.  So I got a little excited when I saw a copy of this LP on a dealers list earlier this year, hoping it was a stereo copy.  And sure enough, it was!  (The cover was a little rough, with some wear and some tape across the back, but it sounds good.  And I wasn't going to even try to get that original price code sticker off of there.  If I had more time and more proficiency in image editing, I could probably replace that with a chunk of the mono cover, but I'm tired and lazy.)  Now I get to share this with you, and I'm officially proclaiming it the happiest Christmas music I'm going to share all season.  Don't believe me?  Download it and listen.  If you don't agree, I'll give you your money back!  This is Happy Holiday With The "Best Of The Mummers" (Sure SS-Vol. 13, Stereo, 1963).  Oh, I was also able to put the date of 1963 on it based on some ads I found online, either in the excellent Google index of Billboard or something similar they've done with other trade papers and newspapers.  It's amazing the information that's out there if you look.

1. Quaker City String Band-Happy Holiday And White Christmas
2. Quaker City String Band-Jingle Bells
3. Greater Kensington String Band-Silver Bells
4. Greater Kensington String Band-Winter Wonderland
5. Polish-American String Band-Christmas Bells
6. Polish-American String Band-Mistletoe Polka
7. Greater Kensington String Band-I'll Be Home For Christmas
8. Greater Kensington String Band-Silent Night
9. Polish-American String Band-Christmas Time
10. Polish-American String Band-Jingle Bells Polka
11. Quaker City String Band-Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer
12. Polish-American String Band-Happy New Year To You
13. Aqua String Band-Golden Slippers and Four Leaf Clover
14. Aqua String Band-Auld Lang Syne



Anonymous said...

Hey! First, I love your blog and really appreciate not only what you share, but your research into each title.

Wanted to let you know that stickers come off really easy with a product called Bestine (http://papercement.com/bestine.html). Heard about it a few years ago, and found it at Michael's as well as Hobby Lobby locally.

Takes old, gunky price stickers off most anything, and doesn't discolor or damage the packaging underneath. There may be other solutions, but this stuff is great.

Scott O said...

Absolutely agree with anonymous above! You're one amazing guy, Ernie!

Thanks for the share! This is amazing!

Kevin Moon said...

Hey Ernie, I've just discovered your blog relatively recently, and wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your incredibly hard work and generous spirit. I've been enjoying all of your wonderful songs. You've really helped me get into the Christmas spirit! Thank you so much again, and Merry Christmas!

greg said...

Nope, no need to ask for money back on this one, it is pretty darned happy!

Thank you, Ernie!

tymime said...

Photoshop magic!