Sunday, December 04, 2011

More Not Elvis

Those of you with memories that go back more than a week might remember that I opened up the Christmas sharity season with an LP from Elvis Jr. Well, now I'm back with a couple more tracks that have a tenuous connection to The King of Rock 'N Roll.  Little Michelle Cody seems to have taken the death of Elvis pretty hard back in 1977.  She decided to record a little tribute song to him, or at least somebody decided to have Michelle sing a tribute song.  No idea who that was, and I've also got no idea who got her to sing it twice!  The version above on the Jimbo label (Jimbo 892, Stereo) sounds to me like it was recorded first, mainly because Michelle sounds like she's younger on this one.  The version below, on the Safari label (Safari SA 601, Stereo, 1978), is dated 1978, so if the one above came out first, it must have been rush released right after Elvis passed away in 1977.  The Safari version even sported a Christmas themed B-side, All I Want For Christmas Is My Daddy.  I'm not claiming that any of these songs are actually any good, but you know you need more Elvis-themed songs in your Christmas collection.  I hunted around the web a bit and found some links to the Safari version of Merry Christmas Elvis, but the Jimbo version seems to be relatively unknown.  I like sharing stuff like that.

1. Michele Cody-Merry Christmas Elvis (Jimbo Version)
1. Michele Cody-Merry Christmas Elvis (Safari Version)
2. Michele Cody-All I Want For Christmas Is My Daddy

For those of you who care about such things, I found both of these records at the same time at a Goodwill store right near my house. I thought they were different pressings of the same song until I looked a little closer and saw different credits on them. You've got to pay attention to such things if you want to get ahead in this business. And one of the sleeves was autographed, though I've got no idea if it's legit or not. Kathy really loved Michele when she was younger, but no so much because she later gave these records to Goodwill. Oh, well.

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Anonymous said...

Ramsey Kearney, was/is the song-poem producer from Nashville, who produced the cult hit "Blind Man's P****" submission from John Trubee as a joke. It is readily available on youtube...So, I am now wondering if this originated as a song-poem submission...