Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Happy Holidays From ...

For the mix-tapers out there, here's another collection of celebrity IDs from the late Eighties.  Some of these are repeats from the one I shared last year, but not many.  Most of these are unique to this record, and a couple of them are actually interesting.  Drop these at random spots on your compilation or radio show, and see how many people think you've actually got celebrity guests!  This is Holiday Greetings From The Epic, Portrait And CBS Associated Families (Epic Portrait Associated/CBS EAS 2864, Stereo, 1987).  They also make nice things to drop at random on people's iPods.  If only there was a way to beam them wirelessly across the room and add them to people's playlists...

01: Greg Allman
02: Ana
03: Big Trouble
04: Bill Carter
05: Robin Zander of Cheap Trick
06: Rick Neilsen of Cheap Trick
07: Cherrelle #1
08: Cherrelle #2
09: Angela Clemmons
10: Charlie Daniels
11: Mary Davis
12: Gloria Estefan And Miami Sound Machine
13: Fabulous Thunderbirds
14: David Hallyday
15: Hiroshima
16: Insiders #1
17: Insiders #2
18: Tuesday Knight
19: Krystol
20: Lion
21: Aimee Mann of 'Til Tuesday
22: Teena Marie #1
23: Teena Marie #2
24: Kathy Mathis
25: Ozzy Osbourne #1
26: Ozzy Osbourne #2
27: Ozzy Osbourne #3
28: Quiet Riot #1
29: Quiet Riot #2
30: The Radiators
31: REO Speedwagon
32: S.O.S. Band #1
33: S.O.S. Band #2
34: Dan Siegel
35: Charlie Singleton
36: Survivor
37: Robert Tepper
38: Wa Wa Nee #1
39: Wa Wa Nee #2
40: Weird Al Yankovic #1
41: Weird Al Yankovic #2
42: Weird Al Yankovic #3
43: Weird Al Yankovic #4
44: Weird Al Yankovic #5
45: Pia Zadora

Good grief, that's a long list.  I hope you appreciate this.  I'm not even sure who some of these people are.



Family Man said...

I've been making Christmas mix CDs for my wife to play on her commute to and from work. Being a big 80's music gal, these will be perfect. Thanks Ernie.

Jay Peterson said...

These are greatly appreciated, wow, so cool to hear these greetings from some big names of the 80's - really brings me back to my favorite decade. Thanks SO MUCH!

martymartymarty said...

This has some amazing people on it!!! R.I.P. Lady Tee

tymime said...

Do you think you can reup these and the other greetings albums? I'd love to hear the Weird Al ones.