Sunday, December 04, 2011

2006 Redux, Part 3

Time for the third part of my 2006 Christmas in July reposts.  As the month wears on, I usually share out more music per day, because I have a better idea of how many songs I have and what I'm going to be able to get recorded.  I don't usually have very much done ahead of time, I'm a horrible procrastinator, but as the middle of the month comes and goes, I pick up steam a little bit and share out more.  So this third set is only a few days, something like 21-25 or 26, but it's almost as big as some of the earlier two packages.  I didn't want you to think you were getting less than your money's worth.  Which reminds me, I haven't received payment from most of you.  Every once in a while, click that advertisement on the right side of the screen.  Every time someone does that, Google puts a few cents in my pocket.  If enough of you do that, I get a little record money.  It takes forever, but it's a nice little present once in a while.  But enough about that, here's the download.


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