Saturday, December 13, 2008

27 Days Of Christmas-Day The Eleventh

Part eleven of 27 Days Of Christmas is this track from Stan Boreson and Doug Setterberg. I'd wanted to share out the whole LP, but it looks like at least one emporium has it for sale on CD. Whether it's a legit CD or not I can't say, but I'm not gonna step on their toes. Pretty much every track on this LP is a cover of somebody else's novelty track. Most of them are cribbed from Homer & Jethro or Yogi Yorgesson (even Harry Kari gets in the act), the one I've chosen to share with you is an old Jerry Lewis track. Please be my guest and download Stan And Doug-I've Had A Very Merry Christmas from Stan And Doug Yust Go Nuts At Christmas (Golden Crest CR 31021, Stereo).

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