Saturday, December 13, 2008

27 Days Of Christmas-Day The Ninth

Here I am, nine days into my Christmas collection, and there have been almost three weeks of sharing already. I'm going to try to get on the ball and catch things up a bit this weekend, so wish me luck. Tonight is a bit of a change from my normal shares, in that I can't tell you what it is. Take a look a the album cover above, and you'll see why, or at least those of you who are members of the sharity community will. I don't want to risk bringing down the wrath of the powers that be, but I wanted to share this great song from this great album with you. It's all about a Christmas tree that you might see in a certain part of a certain place. Please be my guest and download Mystery Orchestra And Chorus-Mystery Song from Mystery Album (Mystery Label, Mono). You'll like it, trust me. And please, don't ask, I'm not going to share the whole LP with you.

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Luis Bordón-White Christmas
The Clancy Brothers-Jingle Bells (Buala Bas)
Keely Smith-Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
The De Paur Chorus-Christmas In The Tropics
Vincent Lopez-Here Comes The Fattest Man In Town
The 4 Seasons-Jungle Bells
Jimmy McGriff-Hip Santa
Lorne Greene-Christmas Is A-Comin' (May God Bless You)

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Stephen said...

Wait a minute, since when can that deer-who-shall-not-be-named fly? Last time I saw him, he was falling on his face trying to walk on ice...