Thursday, December 11, 2008

How Many More From Warner Bros?

Can you believe it? Here's yet another Christmas record from the then-new Warner Bros. record label. They put out some really great stuff in those first few years, and so little of it is still available these days. This one has been one of my favorite shares since I first brought it to you in 2005. I've been looking for a stereo copy ever since, but have not been successful yet. Someday... Anyhow, this is The Jimmy Joyce Singers With Orchestra Conducted By Billy May-A Christmas To Remember (Warner Bros W 1237, Mono, 1958).


Anonymous said...

Hey Ernie,
How About Sharing The ENTIRE LP?
It's terrific!

Merry Christmas

Ernie said...

Pretty sure I am sharing thw whole LP...

Anonymous said...

Yup, you are right.
What a maroon I am!

Thanks again for all of the wonderful audio "presents" so far this Christmas Ernie & May you and your family have the warmest of Holiday Seasons and a
Happy New Year!