Thursday, July 03, 2008

Live At The Cleveland Zoo-Ostriches

Perhaps you're starting to wonder if they have something other than birds at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. Yes, they do. But I'm not ready to show them to you yet. I've got more birds to share first. Tonight, you get ostriches. These are the largest birds I've ever photographed. It's easy for me to know that, because these are the biggest birds on the face of the Earth. Unfortunately, being big doesn't make them pretty. They're a bit homely, if you ask me. I'll stick to my local hawks and ospreys and eagles, thank you very much!

I had to go look it up, but the bird above is a male, as evidenced by the black body feathers and white tail and wing feathers. The one below is female, they're just plain brown.


Anonymous said...

Ugly suckers. I have heard that people actually saddle and ride these birds???? I wonder do they rodeo?? rope, barrell race, bucking bronco?

Lee Hartsfeld said...

"Man, look at all of those ugly creatures walking around. They keep staring at us. I'll bet they envy our good looks."--Ostriches, to one another.

Ernie said...

I don't know how much of a rodeo it can be. They aren't exactly domesticated like a horse. The lady with the zoo who was standing there while I took my pictures commented that their eyes are physically larger than their brain.