Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Live At The Cleveland Zoo-Flamingos

Since I brought you colorful birds from the zoo yesterday, I figured I'd bring you more colorful birds from the zoo today. This time its some bright pink flamingos. They've actually got two different species of flamingos at the Cleveland Zoo, and these were the more colorful of the two. (I think these are the Chilean flamingos, but I'm not sure. I need to get in the habit of shooting the signs identifying what it is I'm trying to take a picture of.) You have to feed these guys a special diet to get that color, but whatever their keepers are doing must be working.


Anonymous said...

Does the bird in picture 2 have a problem? I saw a sandhill crane with a beak like that and it was from an injury. Had to be hand fed till it grew out to normal. It finally did.

Ernie said...

Nope, all their beaks looks like that. It's because of the way they feed, with their head upside down, straining crustaceans from the water. It looks funny, but it works.