Monday, October 01, 2007

Not So Crazy Otto

I just keep getting drawn further and further afield... While researching Crazy Otto for an earlier post, I found this great bit of artwork on an LP that I had somehow missed earlier. It's not a doodle, but it has the feel of some of the great doodles I've found in the past. This is the cover of Crazy Otto (aka Fritz Schulz-Reichel)-Not So Crazy Otto (Decca DL 8370). Gotta love all those bob-haired beauties gathered around the piano. And Otto himself looks like some weird cross between Tony Curtis and Peter Lorre. Heaven knows what's up with that.


Georgy said...

From Russia With Love!
Crazy Otto - my favorit pianist !

HaarFager said...

He also kind of resembles Spike Jones, from the same time period. Maybe the record company thought people would be confused and by this record!

HaarFager said...

I meant "buy" instead of "by," or course. No way to correct these things it seems.