Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Christmas In July '24-Day 10

Today marks approximately one third of the way through the season, but it's still far from over. I need to get in there and count how many tracks I have left, then do some math to see if I can start sharing four a day instead of three, but for today, I'm sticking to three. Got some interesting stuff in the pile of three though, starting with our unofficial theme song, Sleigh Ride In July. That's a new version for you, and I think the Chilly Scenes of Winter is new as well (not _the_ Robin Williams I'm afraid. Wouldn't that be nice!). Lazy Holiday is our only repeat of the day, but I love that percussion sound! Give 'em all a download and enjoy!

1. Robin & Linda Williams-Chilly Scenes Of Winter (Harmony, 1981)
2. Jackie & Roy-Sleigh Ride In July (Full Circle, 1988)
3. The New York Percussion Trio-Lazy Holiday (Holidays For Percussion, 1959)




  1. Nothing better than "Sleigh Ride in July"! Thanks so much.

    1. It's not the happiest of songs if you pay attention to the lyrics...

  2. Weren't Robin and Linda Williams frequent guests on A Prairie Home Companion? I didn't listen all that much but I seem to remember often hearing their names.


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