Monday, December 06, 2021

December 6th Past

Moving right along, here are a few links to items shared on this day in the past five years.


Shari Lewis & Lambchop didn't record much Christmas music, but here's a little bit that you've probably not heard before.


An oldie but goodie repost this day from queen of the zither, Ruth Welcome.


Christmas in Europe!




Christmas songs from 78's that feature the first person. I this and I that. OK, it made sense at the time...


Anonymous said...

Your 2018 Christmas around the World theme was excellent- Good memories
-Steve in PA

Ernie said...

Thanks for the note. I need to do that again one season, I know I've got more countries laying around here, and at least one record that I ripped that year but never finished. But I'm only one man... :)

Mike in South Florida said...

Ruth Welcome is one of many favorite shares of yours. I've used several tracks on various Christmas mixes over the years. Thank you!

Ernie said...

Ruth was certainly an exciting find for me back in the day. :)