Sunday, July 19, 2020

Nutcracker In July 19

Good morning!  Hope you're having a relaxing Sunday.  Here's the latest installment of The Nutcracker In July.  This time around the artist is listed as being Wilhelm Von Luden Conducting The Hamburg International Philharmonic Orchestra, and the LP is The American Home Library Of Great Musical Masterpieces-Vol. XIV (The American Home Library Of Great Musical Masterpieces-Milton Cross Series 6014, Stereo). Probably a pseudonym, but you never know. Milton Cross appears to have lent his name to this set of records designed to introduce classical music into the home. His name has shown up here at the blog before, and will likely show up again in the future. But I don't think Milton is actually on this recording, they just used his name to sell records.  Here's the link to download and enjoy!


Buster said...

Yeah, another pseudonym. Let's check to see if this is the same performance as the last one of its type.

coppinsuk said...

Would hazard a guess:

Tchaikovsky: Nutcracker Suite - Hamburg Radio Orchestra/(Hans-) Jürgen Walther, Cond.

From Gary Sanders excellent site chronicling the "Basic Library of the World's Greatest Music", linked to via the superb website of David Gideon at ReDiscovery .


Douglas (UK)

Buster said...

This doesn't seem to be the same recording as Nutcracker no. 17, and neither sound like the Walther recording. So the mystery continues.

Ernie said...

Oooh, a mystery! :)