Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Christmas In July 2020-28

Well, it's finally caught up to me.  I'm pretty tired tonight, so I'm not going to take the time to spell out everything that's in the download.  Hopefully I'll find time to come back and list it, especially for the search engines, but for now, here're fifteen more tracks, more of the same, really.

Update-25 July 2020-Let me see if I can post the contents of the download here.  Trying to automate the export of this info a little bit, make it easier, but it may be more trouble than it's work.  Depends on how the format comes over...

Well, the first try didn't work. Let's try something else...

The John Payne Band--Snow--Bedtime Stories--1975
Dave Brubeck Quartet--My Favorite Things--My Favorite Things--1966
Don Wilson--Away In A Manger; We Three Kings Of Orient Are--Christmas Ain't Over Yet! (Or, Yes, Virginia, There Is A Don Wilson!)   
Felix Slatkin Conducting The Concert Arts Symphony Orchestra With Victor Aller, Piano--Variations On A Nursery Tune--Young Person's Guide To The Orchestra; Variations On A Nursery Tune--1957
Kenneth Wilson, Organist--Scottish Legend (Opus 54 No. 1)--Christmas At The Castle/Kenneth Wilson Celebrates--1981
The Slovakaires, Organ Accompaniment By Sr. M. Eugene Prolop, O.S.F.--Graduale--Christmas With The Slovakaires   
United States Air Force Academy Cadet Chorale--Chorale Medley: Come All Ye Faithful; Little Town Of Bethlehem; Joy To The World--Seasons Greetings From The Men & Women Of The United States Air Force   
Unknown Artist--Good News, Great Joy--Jenson Publications' Choral Celebration Vol. 5--1983
Casey Siewierski, His Concertina & Orchestra--Snowball Hop Polka--New Hits   
Mark Murphy, Conducted By Ernie Wilkins--My Favorite Things--Rah--1961
Societa Corelli-Vittorio Emanuele, Violin Solo--Winter-Concerto No. 4 In F Minor-First Movement-Allegro Non Motto--The Four Seasons--1960
Richard Ellsasser--Hallelujah Chorus--Richard Ellsasser At The Conn Organ--1964
Friends From Rio--Cherry Tree--Billy Vaughn Presents Friends From Rio Playing "Somethin' Stupid"--1967
The Hammond Chord Organ--Christmas Music On The Organ-O Holy Night--A Music Kaleidoscope With The Hammond Chord Organ--1955
Jenson Publications--The Christ Child Is Born--Music For The Choral Ensemble Vol. XV-Young Choir Edition--1983

Well, that's about as good as it's going to get for now. You'll get the idea.


Badgercat said...

Thanks, Ernie. I know you love this, yet the work put into the posts is something I can't imagine. The volume is crazy!

Buster said...

Get some sleep, buddy! Tomorrow is another day.

Ernie said...

It's a labor of love. :)

No sleep tonight, either, Capt OT has a Christmas in July radio show and I have to stay up to hear my request!

JustaJeepGuy said...

Not even Dave Brubeck can make me want to listen to "My Favorite Things", although I tried. Mark Murphy can't do it either. I just can't hang.

MOQChoir said...

"My Favorite Things" was a standard that John Coltrane used as a springboard for recording successively longer and longer jams. His initial release, the one I'm most familiar with, ran 12 minutes. I recall listening to a 17-minute version a number of times. There was also a 22-minute version from late in his career. I listened to that one a few times, not nearly as often as the others. I wouldn't advise it as any kind of starting point, and I sure wouldn't subject my wife to it.

Ernie said...

I shared one of his early versions one year. It didn't do much for me.

Patrick said...

The Christ Child Is Born sounds like a musical number from Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat (that just came to me immediately upon listening to this track, don't ask). I wish, like other demos, that it would keep on going! Fun track!

Love Dave Brubeck and was quite please to see him pop here. Thanks for this one. Can you have too many "My Favorite Things" tracks in your "best of" folder? I think that I have at least three in my folder for 2020. Uh oh!

Ernie said...

Yeah, three is too many. I try really hard to keep my best-of collections to one version of each song, but sometimes I fail miserably at that. :)

JustaJeepGuy said...

I don't hear Trane's version(s) of "My Fave Things" too often. I can take that one once in a while--partly because I just kind of half-listen to it, but I still don't like the song. And I still blame Andy Williams for it being called a Christmas song.