Sunday, November 25, 2012

Singles Sunday #1-Outta Space

I noticed last night that I am rapidly running out of space on my 1 terabyte drive, and I think that's because I have too much Christmas music! So in honor of being out of space, here's a little song about outer space that I finally broke down and bought this year.  I've always wanted it, but never owned it, and it's one of the coolest things Lawrence Welk ever recorded (though his first Christmas record is pretty cool, too).  This is Lawrence Welk's Little Band Featuring Janet, Brian, Cubby And The Lennon Sisters doing Outer Space Santa b/w All Around The Merry Christmas Tree (Coral 7" 45 RPM 9-62053, Sample Copy-Not For Sale, Mono, 1958).  I know who The Lennon Sisters are, and Cubby is actually the same Cubby from The Micky Mouse Club, but I'm not entirely certain who Janet & Brian are.  One of The Lennon Sisters is named Janet, but why credit her twice? Because she's playing piano and gets called out by name in the song?  Any ideas?  There's a picture sleeve for this one, but my promo copy didn't come with one.

1. Outer Space Santa
2. All Around The Merry Christmas Tree (What is this, 4 songs now with a very similar title to this?)



Laurie said...

Janet is the youngest Lennon sister, and I'm guessing that the other Lennon sisters are singing backing vocals. Here they are in action:

I wish the clip of Outer Space Santa was posted as well - I have it on a DVD and it's pretty great.

And, as always, thanks for the great shares!

Ronnie, Jr. said...

I love these old Mills Brothers' cuts . . . I seem to recall that a Christmas album was recorded much later . . . The arrangements here are so simple, which really allows the voices to come forward.

Thanks for making these available!

Anonymous said...

Nice one! Thanks.

-J said...

Thank you for Outer Space Santa.