Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Little Bit Of Soap

This is probably the newest thing I'm going to share with you this year, and it's 30 years old! But it's a very distinct change of pace from the moldy oldies I normally share out around here.This is a collection of soap opera stars circa 1982 singing their favorite Christmas songs for you, the viewer!  I've seen plenty of similar collections recently, from the stars of NBC to the hosts at QVC, and none of them look as cheaply thrown together as this one.  But at least you get a nice picture of a very young Lori Loughlin to look at, that can't be a bad thing.  There's even an insert (which I included in the scans) talking about how Johnny Marks himself called Lori in the studio to wish her a happy birthday!  (There was also a cover slick in the sleeve that was identical to the album cover, so I didn't scan that in.  If you want a scan of it, just rename the cover as Slick-Insert and you'll be good.)  So anyhow, if you want to listen to a bunch of people who used to be famous, please download Soap Opera Christmas (Pink Wings Productions PW-101, Stereo, 1982).  And if you know who any of these other people are, let me know.  I'm too lazy to Google them.

1. Candice Earley-Oh Holy Night/Oh Happy Day
2. Allen Fawcett-Christmas Is You
3. Randy Hamilton-Merry Christmas Darling
4. Lori Loughlin-Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
5. John McCafferty-Jingle Bell Rock
6. Mary Gordon Murray-Blue Christmas
7. Tom Nielsen-Winter Wonderland
8. Frank Runyeon-White Christmas
9. John Wesley Shipp-Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
10. Darnell Williams-The Christmas Song



Scott B said...

If I remember correctly, Allen Fawcett was the host of Puttin' on the Hits. It was a lip sync show that was syndicated in the 80s.

Anonymous said...

Frank Runyeon later went on to earn a Master's degree in Theology and is now a spiritual motivational speaker. We just saw him a couple of weeks ago at a presentation he did at our church!

Sally June said...

What, no Demi Moore? NO Susan Lucci or Luke and Laura? I am disappointed...

But love the hair!

Anonymous said...

John Wesley Shipp went on to do TV series like "The Flash", "Sisters" and "Dawson's Creek".

fixxitt In Georgia said...

Thank you for another great postin g season. Look forward to more.

Fabien MORISSET said...

Such a great idea, thanks so much for sharing!!!

Rich said...

Could someone please re-up this? Thanks!!!