Saturday, April 03, 2010

More Of The Same

Here are a few shots of the bald eagle nest at Robinson Preserve up in Bradenton, FL. I've shown you this nest and the eagle once before, and these shots really aren't any better than the earlier ones. I'd walked by the nest earlier in the evening when the light was much better, but there was no bird to be seen. Later, on the other side of the park, from the top of the observation tower, I looked back at the nest and saw that the eagle had landed (so to speak...). The shot above is the view from atop the tower.

So I hurried on down the trail and back to the closest approach to the nest. The shot above is one I took on the way. As you can see by the orange glow, it was getting pretty close to sundown and the park's closing time. I didn't want to get locked in!

This was shot from the end of the trail that's closest to the nest. And the eagle just happened to be sitting on a branch that made him almost disappear against the trunk of the tree. Oh, well, at least you can sorta see that he's looking straight at me. I think...

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