Thursday, April 01, 2010

Metal Animals

I shot these big steel animals at an art fair in downtown Sarasota a few weeks ago. I meant to share them then, but things get away from me sometimes. Not only are they brightly colored, they are also animated! The heads on most of them bob up and down in the breeze.

Some of them are so large and heavy, I was a little scared to stand next to them as they moved. I would imagine that even though it's only the breeze making them move, the momentum they gather would pack quite the wallop.

Everyone loves a cow, especially a cow with purple spots.

They had quite the menagerie out in the street. I didn't have a wide enough lens to shoot most of them, especially with all the people milling about and blocking my shots. But I think you get the idea. That elephant in the back of this picture was the scariest one. Those tusks moved up and down with the head, and they were sharp. No one stood too close to that guy.  Took me a while to find this artist on Google, but I found him.  Fred Prescott is his name.

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