Thursday, July 23, 2009

Christmas In July 2009-Day The Twenty-First

Here's the twenty-first day of my little Christmas in July celebration. That means only ten days left! It sure will be nice to get a little sleep once in a while, at least until Thanksgiving. Tonight's shares are three songs about skiing, and three songs about skating. I figure both of those are nice winter sports, things you might do around Christmas time. So here goes...

Tracks one, two and four are all by Jack Shaindlin Conducting The Cinerama Symphony Orchestra from that soundtrack album I first shared with you a few days ago, Cinerama Holiday (Mercury MG 20059, 1955). The first two tracks are On The Slopes and Skiers, both written by Morton Gould. The fourth track is Skating Waltz, and it's not written by Morton Gould. It's not written by Emil Waldteufel, as you might have thought, either. That would be Skaters Waltz (see below).

Track three is Ski Run by 101 Strings from their album 101 Strings Plus Dynamic Percussion (Alshire S-5145). I was surprised at how good this was and how much I liked it. Maybe I need to pay more attention to all those 101 Strings albums I see. Nah...

I gave you track four above, so that brings us to track five, one of those Waldteufel tracks I hinted about. It's Skaters Waltz by Bob Kames, and his LP Golden Years In Hi-Fi-20 Organ Solos By Bob Kames (King 598). I believe this is Bob's first LP for King, at least according to the liner notes. It's certainly not his last, as I attested to by posting not one, not two, not three, but four Christmas albums by this guy last Christmas. And now I've found a bonus tracks for you! Stay tuned, I may have a second bonus track. Maybe. I promise nothing.

Track six is another version of Skaters Waltz, this time entitled Skaters Waltz In Swingtime by Bob Crosby, His Orchestra And The Bobcats. The LP is The Best Of Bob Crosby (MCA 2xLP MCA2-4083, 1975). This is a fine collection of his well-known stuff compiled in the seventies, but this particular track was originally recorded 1-23-39 according to the liner notes. Good version.

And there you have it. Six more songs, bringing the total so far to a staggering 167! Not too shabby. So here's the download link, see you again tomorrow.

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